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I spend a lot of time programming and breaking the applications logic.

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Different Contexts for XSS execution

Here we will learn, different types of contexts where XSS may reflect. How to deal with them and how we can balance the injection.

XSS exploitation part 1

Finally, we are finished with basics of javascript for XSS and here we are with the first part of XSS exploitation.

Basics of Javascript for XSS - final

In this post we will finally finish up our requirements of Javascript for XSS, from our next post we will bang with XSS..

Basics of Javascript for XSS part 2

In this post we will cover some other requirements a attacker need to understand about Javascript for advanced XSS exploitation.

XSS Series by Securityidiots

Securityidiots is back with its all amazing tutorials, Monter maini is gonna cover basics to advanced XSS in this series.