Information Gathering with Metagoofil

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Welcome to my Seventh tutorial on Information Gathering

In this tutorial we ll use Metagoofil to gather information about our target.

Metagoofil is another revolutionary tool that utilizes the Google search engine to get metadata from documents available in the target domain.

Metagoofil works by:
[#] Searching file types in the target domain using the Google search engine
[#] Downloading all of the documents found and saving them to the local disk.
[#] Extracting the metadata from the downloaded documents
[#] Saving the result in an HTML file

The information which can be found using metadata are usernames, path, MAC address, Software, Operating System etc. This information can be used later on to help in the penetration testing phase.

To access Metagoofil from backtrack 5, you can use the console to execute the following commands:-

# cd /pentest/enumeration/google/metagoofil
# ./

Metagoofil options as listed in the application:

-d: domain to search
-t: filetype to download (pdf,doc,xls,ppt,odp,ods,docx,xlsx,pptx)
-l: limit of results to search (default 200)
-h: work with documents in directory (use “yes” for local analysis)
-n: limit of files to download
-o: working directory
-f: output file

As an example of metagoofil usage, we will collect all the documents from our target domain and save them to a html file named result.html. We limit the download for each file type to 50 files.Following is the command we give:

# ./ -d -t doc,pdf,xls,docx -l 100 -n 50 -o targetdomainfiles -f result.html

From the result that we get a lot of information from the documents we have collected, such as usernames and path information. We can use the usernames to brute force the password, while the path information can be used to guess the operating system used by the target. We got all of this information without going to the domain website ourselves.Metagoofil is very usefull tool when u want to download the documents and inofrmation about domain without going into it.

Preview of Results:

Preview 2

Preview 3

Thats all on Information Gathering with Metagoofil, see you in the next tutorial of Information Gathering.

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